Congratulations exchanged at squirrel success.

A super modest success was celebrated yesterday as a new state-of-the-art squirrel feeding and entertainment facility (cleverly designed to look just like an old milk container) achieved a new benchmark 20 minute delay in the time taken by it’s target audience to travel from a ‘home tree’ in the woods opposite the yard to one of his more usual activities; these usually include:
Making eyes at pretty overseas cyclists (with food )
Attempting to raid the kitchen (everything is kept in tins)
Attempting to raid the living area (no food available in there either but that doesn’t stop him)
Successfully launching from the wood shelter roof to the open bedroom window of our assistant hospitalero in search of chocolate.
Investigating the plug-in ultrasonic rodent deterrent with an air of utter contempt.
Hostel Keepers Julia and Neal commented;
“This is a significant achievement and our trajectory now can only be from strength to strength, probably involving platforms on bits of springy old coil-type garden hose; we take inspiration from Buddhist cultures where the place of wildlife is recognised and accommodated , however there are no immediate plans to cancel our order of mesh door panels”
Looking forward they stated “Guests are advised (and sometimes implored) not to feed this fellow visitor but I suspect this story will run and run and probably also climb